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Friday, August 12, 2011

My Top 10 of the Harry Potter Series

I cannot possibly list my choices in order by favourite (that's way too hard!), so in random order, my top tens for each book are (and beware spoilers!):

#1- The Philosopher's Stone:
1)  The budding friendship between Harry, Ron & Hermione
2)  Owl Post addressed to "the Cupboard Under the Stairs" & everywhere else Harry specifically lived.
2)  The Sorting Hat
3)  Chocolate Frogs and Every Flavour Beans
4)  The lifesize wizard chess board
5)  The Invisibility Cloak
6)  Peeves :D
7)  McGonagal recruiting Harry as Gryffindor's Quidditch team Seeker
8)  Hagrid & his delightful Cockney accent
9)  Shopping in Diagon Alley
10) The Weasley family

#2- The Chamber of Secrets:
1)  Harry's escape in the flying car
2)  The Deathday Party :D
3)  Neville Longbottom & his grandmother's Howlers
4)  Dobby :D
5)  The Burrow
6)  Fawkes
7)  The rescue of Ginny Weasley
8)  Harry & Ron disguised as Crabbe & Goyle
9)  The anagram of I Am Lord Voldemort
10) Moaning Myrtle & Gilderoy Lockhart...just kidding, I couldn't stand either :D

#3- The Prisoner of Azkaban:
1)  Time-travelling
2)  A tie between Snape floating unconscious and Aunt Marge's flying trip :D
3)  Harry informing Uncle Vernon & Aunt Petunia that his godfather is a criminal :D
4)  The anonymous Firebolt gift
5)  Professor Lupin's Defense Against the Dark Art lessons
6)  Patronuses
7)  Breaking Sirius out of Azkaban
8)  Ron's first use of the telephone :D
9)  The Marauder's Map
10)  The Quidditch Cup match

#4- The Goblet of Fire:
1)  The Prefect bathtub
2)  Quidditch World Cup
3)  Hagrid's crush on Madame Maxime
4)  The Pensieve
5)  Fred & George's career goal of opening a joke shop
6)  Hogsmeade
7)  SPEW
8)  The Marauder's Map
9)  Mad-Eye Moody
10) The international schools of witches & wizards

#5- The Order of the Phoenix:
1)  Luna Lovegood and her crazy hats :D
2)  Neville saving Harry
3)  Dumbledore's Army
4)  Fred & George's escape
5)  Flying memos at the Ministry of Magic
6)  McGonagal implying that Umbridge is incompetent :D
7)  Sirius Black
8)  The Advance Guard, especially Tonks :D
9)  Grawp
10) Dumbledore & his fatherly wisdom

#6- The Half-Blood Prince:
1)  Professor Slughorn
2)  The Prime Minister's meeting with Cornelius Fudge
3)  Dumbledore's visit to Privet Drive
4)  Fleur's nickname, Phlegm :D
5)  The Half-Blood Prince's textbook
6)  Felix Felicis
7)  Harry saving Ron from the poisoned mead
8)  Roonil Wazlib, especially when Snape says it :D
9)  Dumbledore's funeral
10)  The phoenix's cry

#7- The Deathly Hallows:
1)  Professor Snape--I actually liked him despite his treatment of Harry in all the books, but no one can hate him in this book
2)  Draco Malfoy--a surprising turn of events for him!
3)  Gringotts
4)  The Silver Doe
5)  Ron saving Harry from the icy water--"Are you mental?" :D
6)  The Lovegood's house
7)  Aberforth & the Hog's Head secret passage
8)  Battle of Hogwarts--sad but honourable scene
9)  Harry and Dumbledore at King's Cross
10)  The epilogue--so lovely to see how Harry, Ron, Hermione & Ginny grow up :)

What are some of your favourite HP characters and moments?  Please share in the comments!


  1. Awesome list.

    I would add Ron/Hermione bickering for the 3rd book
    Cedric and Krum on the 4th.

    But everything else you mentioned here, I agree!

  2. I love this list! I would add the flashback trips thru Voldemort's memories in book six.

  3. Jillian & Melissa~ Thanks! I like both your additions. There is so much to love in this series, it's hard to narrow it down. That's why I kept some items deliberately short, like "Dobby" :D