Welcome friends! I have started this entry in the global technosphere because I have been in love with books since the age of 2. Among the busy business of being a new teacher, this is my outlet for sharing thoughts on a love of reading a wide variety of books. My inspiration can be summed up with a yearbook quote from a teacher written when I was 8: "To the only girl at recess I see reading a book. Good for you!"
My blog title is quoted from a classmate who asked me this once. Believe it or not, I've also heard it as a teacher :D

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Blog Hop!

A weekly meme hosted by Jennifer @ Crazy For Books.

This week's question is from Jessica @ A GREAT Read:

What book(s) would you like to see turned into a movie?

Terrific question!  I am a huge movie buff and love to compare books to their movie versions.  So many popular & classic books have been adapted to film, how many could possibly be left to adapt?  Here are some I'd love to see as a movie with some ideas on casting:

I think Marc Forster would be a brilliant choice of director as he does quirky, fantastic visuals that would bode well with Christopher's mental machinations.  Forster directed Stranger Than Fiction, The Kite Runner, and Quantam of Solace (a James Bond flick) among others.  As for casting, no one comes immediately to mind.

Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger
This may be a tricky one to adapt to film but the same was said about The Time Traveler's Wife and it was done (though not nearly as well as the book).  As I read the book, I pictured Felicity Huffman as Elspeth & Edwina, probably because I'm hooked on Desperate Housewives :)  Perhaps Abigail Breslin would make a good Julia & Valentina.  I saw her recently on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and she looks so grownup now!

While we're on the topic, why oh why are they making an American version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson when the Swedish-made movie is so good on its own?  Why must there be an American equivalent to everything?  Sorry to rant about this, but honestly, how could they possibly top Noomi Rapace?

Meanwhile, Edward Norton is still attempting to get Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem to the big screen for 2013.  He will make a fantastic Lionel Essrog!

And Under the Dome by Stephen King is being made into a TV miniseries/movie this year produced by Steven Spielberg for DreamWorks.  While I understand that the novel's gargantuan length suggests a medium longer than the average feature film offers, it ought to be a blockbuster running 3 hours or more, such as The Sound of Music and Gone With the Wind--why take the small screen route on a masterful made-to-be-a-movie story?

Have a great weekend everyone!  I also want to wish everyone in Ontario a happy long weekend with Family Day on Monday :)

I'll probably have some bookish news after the weekend as I'm celebrating my birthday & I'm sure a trip to the bookstore will be in order.  I'm also planning to visit the Book Depot during my week off in March as I had to postpone the pre-Xmas trip.

What are you planning to read this weekend?  I'm a little more than halfway through The Kite Runner, which has been a real treat, and my goal is finish it, review it, and start Middlesex by Tuesday.  Wish me luck :)


  1. Enjoy your birthday!

    I wondered where the Friday book hop is. It isn't Friday without it!

    I am planning lots of reading this weekend with my shelves bursting with some great reads.
    Some I have received for review, some for Christmas and some I have bought myself.

    Have a good weekend


  2. Happy Birthday! I can think of no better gift than a visit to the bookstore! Also, i hope you're enjoying Kite Runner - It's on my top 25 of all time.

  3. Happy birthday. My first blog hop and right now reading George du Maurier's Trilby.

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