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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wonderful Wednesdays- Guilty Pleasures

A weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Tiny Library.

This week's topic is:

Guilty pleasures

 John Grisham and James Patterson

I don't read many of these anymore because I've practically exhausted every title they ever wrote, but in high school and college, I loved reading John Grisham and James Patterson books.  Grisham made law & order exciting, if sometimes utterly preposterous, and Patterson had an eerie but electrifying way of writing from the point-of-view of a mad killer.  Fascinating page-turners, both of them!

I've written a series of reviews on the books I've read by both of them:

My James Patterson reviews post covers books #1-6 of Women's Murder Club series, #1-13 of Alex Cross series, and #1-2 of "bird children" series).

My John Grisham reviews post covers his first 12 law-thriller books, including my 3 favourite books of his (The Firm, A Time to Kill and The Pelican Brief).


  1. Yes! John Grisham I'm quite fond of, but I don't think I know any of Patterson's books. Perhaps he's a new guilty pleasure for me to discover.

  2. I've never read either of these authors, though they're everywhere. I've seen The Firm and The Pelican Brief movies though. It's not that I've done it on purpose, there's just always something else to read.

    My guilty pleasure is more about YA vampires.

  3. Hi!
    I love James Patterson, I'm reading his new one now, Cross Fire. Haven't read any of John Grisham. I'll have to add him to my list of books to read. Mine is Janet Evanovich and Sue Grafton. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  4. I really want to read A Time To Kill, I've heard it's very good. I haven't read any books by these two authors but they do sound like great escapist reads.

  5. add to this patricia cornwell and you have my high school/college reading as well...:)

    i love _a time to kill_!

  6. Definitely James Patterson! He's a hit or miss for me sometimes though. I think for me my guilty pleasure would be Janet Evanovich. She's really not that good, in my opinion, but her narratives are sort of addicting. Also... Nicholas Sparks.

  7. Thanks for all your comments :)

    Trish~ If I had to choose between the two, I'd probably favour Grisham, too :) Patterson sure can be addictive!

    Loni & Sam~ I would definitely recommend The Firm and A Time to Kill by Grisham. Patterson can be addictive!

    Sherrie~ I loved A is For Alibi by Sue Grafton & am going to re-read it for a challenge this year. Never gotten into Janet Evanovich but am willing to try :)

    Stephanie~ I might try Patricia Cornwell some time as she is in similar territory to James Patterson, Sue Grafton, etc.

    Jillian~ Patterson was hit & miss for me, too, especially with his later work. His earlier books (for the most part) were better, IMO.

  8. I read just one John Grisham, the short story collection in Ford County. I would add Patricia Cromwell and Kathy Reichs to my list of Guilty Pleasures too.