Welcome friends! I have started this entry in the global technosphere because I have been in love with books since the age of 2. Among the busy business of being a new teacher, this is my outlet for sharing thoughts on a love of reading a wide variety of books. My inspiration can be summed up with a yearbook quote from a teacher written when I was 8: "To the only girl at recess I see reading a book. Good for you!"
My blog title is quoted from a classmate who asked me this once. Believe it or not, I've also heard it as a teacher :D

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June Monthly Wrap-Up & Year-to-Date

Here's to June and the jumpstart to a summer of reading!

Books Read This Month:  (4)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban- J.K. Rowling (A) (for fun)
A Short History of Nearly Everything- Bill Bryson (A) (for What's in a Name 4 Challenge)
Film Flam- Larry McMurtry (C) (for fun)
To Kill a Mockingbird- Harper Lee (A+) (for Back to the Classics Challenge)--review coming soon

Other Books Reviewed This Month: (2)
Night Shift- Stephen King (for Stephen King Challenge) (A)--finished in May

Currently Reading: (2)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire- J.K. Rowling (for fun)
My Life- Bill Clinton (for fun)

Books Read So Far in 2011: (29)
*DNFs don't count in this total

How was your reading in the month of June?


  1. You did pretty good this month! And it seems like you liked everyone you read, except for one. Hope July is the same for you!

  2. I'm about to start a re-read of To Kill a Mockingbird. I keep telling everyone what a great book it is but it's been soooo long since I actually read it. Can't wait to read your review!

  3. Seeing you read three Harry Potter books in June makes me want to reread them again, before watching the last movie. And I loved Night Shift, too. Some of the stories were a little dated, but I loved dipping into them. :)