Welcome friends! I have started this entry in the global technosphere because I have been in love with books since the age of 2. Among the busy business of being a new teacher, this is my outlet for sharing thoughts on a love of reading a wide variety of books. My inspiration can be summed up with a yearbook quote from a teacher written when I was 8: "To the only girl at recess I see reading a book. Good for you!"
My blog title is quoted from a classmate who asked me this once. Believe it or not, I've also heard it as a teacher :D

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm Joining the Classics Club!

Jillian @ A Room of One's Own has created a fantabulous (don't you just love that word?) challenge of sorts called the Classics Club.  The basic idea is to read 50 or more books within 5 years from joining up, post a list, link up your review of the book to your list, and post your virtual happy dance comment at the Club when you accomplish your goal.

In looking at my lifetime TBR list, I have come to two conclusions:

1)  I had better live to be at least age 100 to get through them all and then catch up on what I've missed on since ;)

2)  I have a boatload of classics on my list, because I am smitten with them.

I have made a list of 50 as an initial goal, including classics I'm planning on getting to this year for reading challenges and some re-reads.  I have over 250 (!) classics on my TBR list but I really need to
clear off my shelves before I can make room for more...*she says* :)

Visit my Classics Club TBR 5-Year List for my choices.


  1. Yay! Welcome to the club. Your list looks awesome.

  2. Welcome! I'm glad you joined. :D

  3. Oh, sorry for the double comment. I was going to comment on the list itself over on your Classics Club list page, but there's no way to comment there. I'm excited you're re-reading two Austens!! And A Tale of Two Cities is incredible. So many great titles on your list. (Of course!)