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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Seriously...I'm Kidding- Ellen DeGeneres

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Published:  2011
Pages:  241
ISBN:  9780446585026
Genre:  Humour, Memoir

Started: Jan. 9, 2012
Finished:  Jan. 11, 2012 (3 days)

Where Found:  Xmas 2011 gift
Why Read:  I love the fun energy of her show, and I wanted to see how that came through in her book.

Read For:  Mixing It Up Challenge--Journalism/Humour (1/16)

Summary:  The queen of daytime talk chimes in on current social issues, the randomness of life, and general Ellenish things :)


Is there anyone else you think of first when you hear the name Ellen?  Well, I guess not if your mom or grandma or sister or best friend is named Ellen...But you get the idea :)  Ellen DeGeneres is simply known as Ellen to millions of fans who tune in to her talk show for a guaranteed cure of the blues and blahs.


Her book is written in short spurts that tell stories, like the hilarious time she sat on a fork, used the intercom at home to find the cat, and was asked to not eat almonds in a casino (um, okay...why, exactly?), and offer insight on issues such as common courtesy, self-care, and socialization.  There are bits just for fun like a letter to mall security which made me howl, translating a teenager's text message, a cut-off sentence from passing out in a sauna (now that's silly...since when does anyone do that?  Is it me or is it really hot in h--).  There's even a pros and cons list that covers reasons why you should (and shouldn't)...or maybe that should be would (and wouldn't)...or could (and couldn't)--sorry, I digress--read this book.  And there's colouring pages for the kiddies, though I admit to doodling in some myself :)  There are even lessons to be learned, such as "What is the secret of life?" The answer: Hale.  And linguistics: Haiku sounds like a friendly greeting to someone named Ku. "Hi, Ku!"  And English literature as she quoted from Jane Eyre.  That was eerie for me as I had just finished reading it when I started Ellen's book.  Oooooh...

I imagine that the audiobook is probably more entertaining given her keen ability to structure and pace jokes for optimum hilarity.  And hearing her read her own material has got to be fun.  But all in all, her book is a fun, cute escape for a day when, to quote the Bruno Mars song, "I just don't feel like doing anything."

Rank:  (B)- Good


  1. I read one of them recently, it is a good getaway but so much like her show. You don't get anything more.

    Worth the read. If I was into audio books I think these will be fantastic also.

  2. Full of Ellens winning life philosophy...told in the form of funny stories. Some true, some not. There is love. Freedom of thought. Creativity. Inspiration. This book felt like more than a book.

    It feels like an experience. An experience not to be missed. Recommended.