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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Marley & Me- John Grogan

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Published: 2005
Length: 289 pages
ISBN: 9780060817084
Genre: Humour, Pets

Start Date: Sometime in 2007
Finished Date: Sometime in 2007

Where From: My grandma gave it to me after reading it (was originally a Xmas 2006 gift)
Why Read: I love dogs and the story of an owner’s relationship with his dog appealed to me. Also, it got great reviews.

Summary: A young married couple adopt a golden retriever puppy and see the best in him over the years of his life despite his stubborn & hilariously disastrous personality.


This is a story that will touch the hearts of dog lovers everywhere and, even if you don’t have much affinity for dogs, will appreciate the growing relationship between a pet and his owner. I have always wanted a dog, but never had one for most of the reasons that make John and Jenny reconsider their choice to adopt Marley: the shredded furniture, the constant replacing of the screen door that he barges through with his thick skull, puddles on the carpet, the mountainous cow pies in the backyard, and the hopeless attempts at passing behaviour training school.

What convinces me that one day I will have a dog of my own are the beach runs where the dog walks you, the cuddles on the couch, the sniffing of the newborn baby in her crib, and how the family grows with Marley in their heart. John & Jenny adjust to Marley, then to raising their children, and then to the possibility of living without Marley.

The ending is inevitable, but I cried through the last several pages. Like Old Yeller, you simply can’t help but love a dog until death and afterwards all his loveable charms outweigh the faults that you thought would break dreams of a happy, clean home apart.

Marley & Me is a love story about a family developed in spite of Marley and growing in love because of Marley. Like a movie you return to again and again, you will laugh, cry, smile, grimace, and feel joy in this story about a family and their dog.

Haven't seen the movie version, but I think Marley's antics are funnier read, though I thought the trailer showing Marley half in and half out of the car window walking on the road was priceless :oD

Rank: (A+)- A must-read! Now!


  1. I thought this would be horrid and sappy, but I read it and I loved it. It was about his relationship with Marley, but it was about so much more than that, phases of life, family, growing up, he covered a lot of ground. I really liked it.

  2. Great Review! I loved both the book and the movie, and cried like a baby in both. I own 3 dogs...Yes I said 3 and I couldn't imagine my life without them. They provide my life with a lot of excitement thats for sure. But I wouldn't trade it for anything.