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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

A weekly meme hosted by The Broke & the Bookish.

This week's theme is Favourite Fictional Couples in Books.

This is a great topic!  Enjoy the choices, some a wee bit unconventional to spice things up :oD  Please be aware spoilers may ensue, and not all couples may be romantic ones!

In no particular order of preference...

#10- Henry & Claire- The Time Traveler's Wife
Despite the awkward breaks in their relationship, they stay loyal to each other as they await a reunion.

#9- Anne & Gilbert- Anne of Green Gables
I shamelessly borrowed this one from another list.  From an antagonistic relationship as children to civil teenagers to friendly young adults to love-struck grown-ups....awww...

#8- Morag & Jules- The Diviners
A true love match, though neither admits it, from their squabbling childhood to a transitional relationship after her doomed marriage and the conception of daughter Pique.

 #7- Muriel & Macon- The Accidental Tourist
A quirky relationship between an outgoing dog trainer and a cautious travel writer.  You root for it to happen all the way through.

#6- Jo & Laurie- Little Women
We all know it doesn't turn out as we wanted (Laurie and..AMY?!?) but you see the sparks between them and hope that maybe in some magical twist of fate, the novel will end differently...

#5- Nick & Nora- The Thin Man
Their chemistry and equal senses of humour make this a comic mystery ahead of its time.

#4- Bridget & Mark- Bridget Jones' Diary
Who else could fall in love but the two saddest, Xmas-themed sweater wearers at the annual turkey curry buffet dinner?

#3- Clarice & Hannibal- The Silence of the Lambs
I warned you I'd take a wild turn at this meme!  Getting past the ick factor of this relationship (far from romantic), they did turn out to make a great team.

#2- Johnny & Sarah- The Dead Zone
A romantic relationship ruined by a comatose accident that gives Johnny a sixth sense.  You still feel him longing for them to reconnect, but he does one better and sacrifices his life for everyone else's.

#1- Holden & Phoebe- The Catcher in the Rye
The best brother-sister relationship in a novel. I loved how Holden tried desperately to protect Phoebe from becoming worse off than himself.


  1. Oh yeah, Mark and Bridget! I forgot about them. I also root for Jo and Laurie but didn't put them on my list. See my two lists (I combined two memes at: Headdfullofbooks

  2. What an interesting list. I love that you picked many that don't have a romantic love relationship. And #3, brilliant choice.

  3. I always wanted Laurie and Jo to be together!! Somebody else put Jo and Teddy on their list. I found that interesting since we all wanted Jo and Laurie! But it made sense that she should chose and that for whatever reason she didn't want to be with Laurie! Teddy made her happy!

  4. It was difficult for me to come up with ten literary couples. I wonder why this is so hard....

    Here's my list:

  5. GREAT choices! And some unexpected. I would've never thought of Holden and Phoebe, but I love that choice.

  6. Thanks for all your comments and glad you liked the surprises :oD

  7. No matter how many times I read Little Women, I'm still all agog when Jo turns Laurie down and then even more agog when he turns to Amy.