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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Audacity of Hope- Barack Obama

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Published:  2006
Length:  362 pages
ISBN:  0307237699
Genre:  Nonfiction, Political

Start Date:  Sometime in 2008-9
Finished Date:  Sometime in 2008-9

Where Found:  Chapters-Indigo
Why Read:  I originally bought this for my Dad for Xmas 2007 and after he read it, I took it on.

Summary:  A compelling manifesto of then-Senator Barack Obama with an historical and social democratic lens on issues such as health care, education, economy, and political leadership.


On the event of the midterm elections in the U.S., I feel compelled to offer this review. I am Canadian and cannot vote, however I encourage all Americans to register and execute their right to vote.

Prior to being elected to the Oval Office, Obama had a plan and this book is the best guide to his mission as President. It is a wise voter who wishes for the government to be run by individuals with more education, integrity, and enthusiasm than is found in the average person—in other words, a true leader comes from an extraordinary place.

Obama’s use of political science jargon may go over the heads of the general public, but the structure soon gels from Chapter 3 on, and coasts from there, creating excitement in his ideas on many hot-button issues. There is tremendous respect for his Presidential forefathers, a breadth of knowledge about political and cultural history, and a passion for strong leadership that resonates long after the last page.

Shortly after the book’s release, Obama announced his candidacy for President. You know the rest.

Rank:  (A)- Highly recommended


  1. I really do need to read this.

  2. Thanks for this review. I have to admit, I'm in mourning. You state your case so well. When I went to vote on Tuesday I looked around at the crowd, largely white and my mother's age, and felt things were not going to go well...I enjoy getting the perspective of a neighbor to the north!