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Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Fuhgettaboutit

An occasional meme created by & for me in which I recall a book that I gave up on and why.  Since I haven't posted about this in a while, I'll present you with two books, and these are the last two I can remember giving up on.  Any others that come up will be newer reads.  Hopefully this won't happen very often.  It really doesn't as I try very hard to finish what I start (in all its forms, reading & beyond) but sometimes it becomes unbearable.

The Deep End of the Ocean by Jacquelyn Mitchard

I could not get past the shallow coldness of Beth and how rigidly the book was written. I gave up after about 20-30 pages.

I had seen the movie with Michelle Pfeiffer prior to reading the book and thought it was just okay. Pfeiffer’s take on the character made her much more sympathetic than the book made her out to be.  It was along the lines of a Lifetime TV movie, if you catch my drift.

Rank:  (DNF)- Did Not Finish, Don't Recommend

Speedbumps by Teri Garr

I enjoy Teri Garr as a comedic actress, especially in Tootsie and Young Frankenstein.  She can come across as a tad annoying but her ditzy image is a quality you can’t help but laugh at in spite of herself.
I tried my best to like her memoir and she writes one-liners as well as she delivers them on screen, but I could not get into the rest of it. The centerfold of pictures is a nice treat and skimming a couple of anecdotes is breezy fun, but overall, it just fell flat for me.
Rank:  (DNF)- Did Not Finish, Don't Recommend

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